We are a non-profit. All our art sales go back to funding our artists and providing supplies for creative therapy.

Our Mission

Our Mission

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Helping Individuals with Disabilities Find Their Artistic Voice

We Offer Art Classes, Pottery Classes, Painting Classes and Much More!

Artistic expression is an undervalued form of relief and a source of self-prosperity. Whether you are creating or enjoying art pieces, it is important to continue supporting and developing the arts – because they truly matter.

That is why, at Matters of the Art, we help local adults with disabilities find a way to express themselves through different artistic platforms. The end result: astonishing, one-of-a-kind art pieces that are available for you to purchase and enjoy.

From pottery to paintings and jewelry, there are so many pieces that have their own special story. If you are interested in supporting our effort, or joining us in any way, contact Matters of the Art of Haughton, LA today.

Providing Tools Needed to Feel Inspired & Creative

Check Out Our Art Programs in Haughton & Shreveport, LA

Matters of the Arts is a non-profit organization supporting individuals and the local art community. We are an art program in Haughton and Shreveport, LA where adults with disabilities can come and create their own unique works of art.

The sessions provided have become a beneficial way for those with cognitive and physical limitations to find a way to fully express themselves. By creating pottery, aprons, paintings, ceramics, glass products and jewelry, individuals can find an outlet for their creativity.

</br>Find out how you can help our organization

Find out how you can help our organization

There are many ways to support our efforts here at Matters of the Art. By purchasing these one-of-a-kind art pieces from local artists at our gift shop, you will be supporting our program and our artists. All art sales go back to funding the artists and providing supplies to continue our creative therapy services here in Haughton and Shreveport, LA.

You can also become involved with our non-profit organization. If you’re searching for a creative outlet for yourself or a loved one, our services are available for those looking for an artistic, therapeutic outlet.

Those interested in supporting our organization in other ways can contact Matters of the Art directly. Either way, we invite you to come and get to know our organization in any way you can to help the art community continue to thrive here in Haughton and Shreveport, LA.

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